Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's time

I have thought long and hard about every negative and positive outcome that will result from picking up my things and moving to Denver. I have to say that my positives definitely outweigh my negatives. Happiness is one major factor that will be guaranteed if I move. Not that there won't be times of stress, sadness, and struggle - there will be. Looking at the big picture I feel extremely confident in my strengths, my skills, and eventually my success. Packing all my things and moving into a world of the unknown will be a challenge in itself. I've always been a very competitive man in whatever task I decide to take on. This will be my biggest task to date. Here's why I will succeed: I will have someone by my side who showers me with love, encourages me, and gives her ongoing support. I work at Paychex for pennies - I mean come on really?
It's a fact, employers hire more attractive applicants. Hmmmmmm......I'm tall, have blue eyes, and a winning personality. It's natural that things are already looking up for me. I will not only take on this new town of mine, I will conquer her. Though times will be tough, I will be happy. It's time. I'm coming home again.

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