Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Care of the Soul

My thoughts often drift
Memories flick on like a candle
Your love is the sweetest gift
A gift I love to handle

Miles separate the hearts we share
Nights get lonely and cold
Words can't justify how much I care
Your body I want to hold

Our lips excite when both get touched
Bodies warm from each other
You're love is what I've always clutched
I would never want another

Your heart just feels so right with mine
Your touch knows how to calm
In the end I know we'll have the time
You can read it on both palms

Wrinkles form from smiles on face
You'll always be adding more
Once we're finally in a place
We'll close this distant door

The time we spend is always real
Though it's not often enough
Loved is how you make me feel
Though being apart is tough

Passion is what I feel with you
Often thanking God above
For letting you infect my life
Infect my life with love

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