Thursday, November 19, 2009

**Put another quarter in the jukebox**

Today I sat in front of 2 computer screens for 9 hours.
Strenuous is what comes to mind. Bloodshot is what comes to eye.
My contacts have been giving me a ton of trouble lately. Each day I go to work,I strive to have clear eyes and take pride in my somewhat intelligent appearance. Each day I come up short like a Roloff's foot on the gas pedal. My eyes burn worse that a jalapeno-lotion inspired handjob. No bueno. I'm thinking of getting Lasic eye surgery once I can afford it. I'm sure 30 years down he road my eyelids will droop below my cheekbones like saggy breasts - but for now, I think the operation will be worth the constant look of Royal Highness.

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