Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beepilepsy kills thousands every hour

Beepilepsy is an involuntary spasm caused by the beeping, buzzing, or vibration of a piece of electronic equipment, especially equipment worn in clothing, such as a cell phone or pager. Generally, the severity of spells of beepilepsy decreases with time, but cases are known in which, after two years of familiarity with a given piece of equipment, the beepileptic spasms of one sufferer still reliably amuse acquaintances and passersby.
Wow, it's about time someone finally flipped epilepsy! This word just makes me laugh. Beepilepsy has been created! I'm not sure why I'm so happy - but who cares? It's plain awesome. Next time people break their neck to glance your direction after your cell phone vibrates in public you should say "Can I help you? I'm a beepileptic bitch! Mind your business."

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