Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's no hope being an Iso-Tope!

When I first moved to Denver I wanted something to keep me busy. I wanted something that would make me feel good inside. I wanted something to make me feel alive. Thank you Craig's List! One sunny afternoon when my babee was at work, I emailed Chris Gentz about possibly playing on a team he was forming. He told me that I was in. I smiled for 10 seconds straight. The first practice we had, our team looked like Afghanistan - bombed and depleted. The second practice, only 2 other players showed up. Weeks went by and I was getting really excited for  ballin it up. The first game we had, we got smoked by 60 points. Utterly embarrassed and humbled by defeat,  we thought the loss may have been due to being a brand new team. That was very wishful thinking on our part. Now, here we are just finishing week 9, and we are still undefeated in the loss column. It's so frustrating at times, but I've mastered the "art of losing." These days I don't blame losing on lack of unity nor out of shape men, I blame our 0-9 record on one thing - our name is the Isotopes.


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  2. Should have went with Angry Beavers!

    Nice logo though!