Monday, December 22, 2008

I love snow. The rapper.

I took this picture yesterday just behind my apartment complex, while thinking to myself "is this really Oregon?" It felt more like the setting of a Stephen King horror film, or the set from the movie Fargo. The storm of the century has arrived in the northwest. Although it did provide me with a day off of work, it may cancel my plans of driving to Grants Pass for Christmas.
My girl lives in Denver and is WAY more used to the cold than I am. She probably thinks I'm a giant poo-tang for not wanting to go anywhere in this cold weather - but I will accept the title of a poo-tang any day as long as it keeps me indoors and warm. While we're on the topic of warmth, I was just thinking of a warmer, much more iller form of snow......Yes, I'm talking about Snow the Canadian rapper from the 90s. As you can see in this clip titled "Informer" Snow rips the cut with his smooth swagger and easy-to-decipher lyrics. Snow's flow is cold enough to warm my soul.

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